Chinese Original Art Brand

Chinese Original Art Brand

BAMPO , founded in1997

Brand Vision

"To be the leader of ceative and artistic life"

Bampo not only makes products, but also creat arts.
We take culture as the foundation and originality as the core,
bringing art into daily life and make life more beautiful,
Creating beauty, spreading beauty and guiding lifestyle to make us
to be a leader of creative and artistic life respected by the public.

Brand mission

"Inherit and develop traditional Chinese culture and art"

Using the unique aesthetic wisdom of Oriental philosophy ,
to show the life attitude of modern women ;
To build self-confidence with culture and integrate the essence of western and eastern;
To be a fashion inheritor and disseminator of Chinese culture,
Letting the world witness the beauty of China.

Brand achievements

"Let the world witness the beauty of China"

bampo (半坡饰族) 独有的原创性和艺术性

  • Chinese original art brand in Tassenmuseum Hendrikje-Museum of Bags&Purses
  • Won China Good Design Award of German Red Dot
  • Won the Creative Design Award of Florence Design Week
  • Attend the cultural exchange in the Hague "Embassy Festival" of the United Nations
  • China National Museum's cooperative luggage brand
  • British Museum's cooperative luggage bran
  • List of export enterprises selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Selected as "cultural Chinese present" of Ministry of culture and Tourism