Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」 Fourth stop: Amsterdam, Holland


Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」:Amsterdam, Holland


A country has a culture.

All have their own way to express fashion and beauty.

The golden autumn is fading, and the wind is getting cold.

The fourth stop of Bampo (Eastern beauty presents at west) came to Amsterdam, the palace of world art.

Connecting the Oriental art perfectly with international fashion,

redefining the new fashion of modern oriental aesthetics,

to take you to experience different Oriental beauty.


「Eastern beauty presents at west」


--to express oriental art beauty in international method--

Amsterdam is the world's cultural and historical hub city, known as the "World Art Palace", famous for a variety of cultural museums in the world. Diversified culture constitutes the most moving artistic charm of the city. The fourth stop of Banpo Decoration Group (East rhyme and West performance) comes to this famous European city of culture and art. It collides with Amsterdam, the world's fashion and art capital. It performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, so that the eastern and Western cultures collide with each other in the dialogue and bring you different Oriental beauty.


Take you to experience different Oriental beauty


Canal house with old stories, new and old buildings, all inclusive Museum The combination of the ancient and the modern, the multi-cultural blend has created the Dutch free and romantic artistic atmosphere. The super model of this blockbuster takes Bampo art handbag to the streets of Dam Square, just like the heroine in the fashion movie shuttles in this art city.

The wandering lens is full of romantic freedom, vivid and rich imagination, modern architecture and open square, making people completely relaxed and full of power, full of a young sense of the times. Bampo brings the beautiful imagination of the east to this free Western City, where fashion art condenses and creates infinite beauty between the inspiration of the East and the West.

The nine streets, as a local cultural landmark, shows a diverse cultural interest and an eclectic style. Fashion supermodel shuttles through this charming water city with Bampo handbag, and the different styles created by the eastern and Western fashion are like movie pictures every time, performing eternal fashion and classics.

With their own wisdom and imagination, the Dutch have created a unique cultural landscape. "Tolerance, freedom and art" is the closest adjective to Amsterdam. In this romantic and free city full of artistic charm, the beautiful shadows passing by with the Oriental handbag like art convey the charming and elegant style.

Just like the fairy tales we have read, there are beautiful tulips, romantic canals and precious art collections here, which can not only enjoy the fun and tranquility of life, but also have the rich and colorful culture and art of world famous cities. Bampo is shooting here. Every corner of the daily life is a beautiful art picture.

Bampo starts from the oriental culture, integrates the cultural essence of all over the world, and creates a unique Oriental fashion aesthetics. This fashion blockbuster entered Amsterdam, the art capital, swaying the Oriental wisdom between the eastern and Western ideals and beauty, creating an immortal fashion classic.

Starting from Los Angeles, France, Paris, Milan, Italy, and Amsterdam, Bampo always adheres to the Chinese culture to deduce fashion and perfectly integrate the international trend, so that the oriental culture gene in Bampo's brand will collide and integrate with the fashion culture of other countries in the world to deduce different Oriental beauty.


Every country and every culture has its own way to express what fashion and beauty are, but with the progress of globalization, many boundaries become blurred. As the first brand of China's original art handbag, based on the Oriental Art and culture, combined with modern original design, a unique "Bampo style" has been formed. Putting this style in the context of international fashion, it can also have exchanges and resonance with cultures of different countries, making fashion produce various possibilities.

Bampo (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion movement, through close communication and cooperation with western design and fashion circles, performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, breaks the gap between eastern and Western culture and art, and enables Eastern and Western culture to derive a new fashion culture in collision and exchange, becoming a fashion new integrating Eastern and Western design, aesthetics and culture Tide, redefining the new fashion of modern oriental aesthetics.