Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」Seventh stop: Venice, Italy


2019 EAST & WEST

One country, one culture
Have their own unique way
to express fashion and beauty

A country has a culture.

All have their own way to express fashion and beauty.

The seventh stop of Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」

came to the world romantic water city "Venice";

The Oriental Art collide perfectly with the poetic and picturesque feelings of Venice,

and take you to appreciate the different Oriental beauty.

Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」:Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy, is known as the city on water. It has the reputation of "born from water, beautiful from water, and thriving from water". God shed tears here, but made it more crystal clear and tender, just like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves. It is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The seventh stop of Banpo Decoration Group (East rhyme and West performance) comes to this romantic and beautiful water city. It performs the ultimate oriental charm in an international form, ignites the fashion rhythm of the romantic water city Venice, and lets the eastern and Western cultures burst out new inspiration and sparks in the exchange and collision, taking you to appreciate the different Oriental beauty.


「 Eastern beauty presents at west 」

— bampo In Venice

Take you to experience different Oriental beauty


Do not follow others blindly

and create your own style.




Christina is a model in Venice, Italy. Influenced by the romantic water city, she is surrounded by fashion from her childhood, and has a leading sensitivity to fashion. She often travels in European countries, recording the changing fashion trend in the era change through images. She is not only a model, but also a recorder of fashion. Her fashion motto is, Refuse to go with the flow, dare to create their own style.


A city of art with romance and passion, classic and fashion, has produced Dante, Leonardo da Vinci and other great artists in the world. This is Venice, Italy.

Gorgeous and elegant and so fashionable, it is known as the cream of European Cultural Renaissance, carrying the earth's splendid civilization. The churches, gardens and squares everywhere are filled with magnificent beauty and romantic beauty.

Bampo【Vase sky】artistic handbag

Stepping into the art capital of freedom

and romance to explore and interpret the fashion charm of Venice Bampo【Double singing】artistic handbag


Breathtaking water city shows the "Romance" everywhere.

This romantic and elegant place, a city that perfectly combines history and fashion, collides with each other and meets again. Art and fashion, classical and fashion, bring different visual impact. Christina, a supermodel, carries bampo art handbag and walks in Venice Fashion Art District, out of modern city and youth vitality. With the combination of elegant Chinese beauty and international fashion, there is a unique oriental charm in the romantic and fashionable city, bringing a visual feast.





Bampo【Rain & dew】artistic handbag

In Venice, fashion and art do not mean to do it, but are scattered in the corner of daily life. The Italian style in the depth of field leaps to the screen. Complex top through the dome, as if quietly looking up can touch heaven. Bampo came here to witness the changes of the times with a handbag, the changes and changelessness of this romantic water city, as well as its art history story.

Every country and every culture has its own way to express what fashion and beauty are, but with the progress of globalization, many boundaries become blurred. As the first brand of China's original art handbag, based on the Oriental Art and culture, combined with modern original design, a unique "Bampo style" has been formed. Putting this style in the context of international fashion, it can also have exchanges and resonance with cultures of different countries, making fashion produce various possibilities.

Bampo (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion movement, through close communication and cooperation with western design and fashion circles, performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, breaks the gap between eastern and Western culture and art, and enables Eastern and Western culture to derive a new fashion culture in collision and exchange, becoming a fashion new integrating Eastern and Western design, aesthetics and culture Tide, redefining the new fashion of modern oriental aesthetics.