Chinese Original Art Brand entered Tassen museum Hendrikje-Museum of Bags & Purses

Bampo has won the favor of Tassen museum Hendrikje-Museum of Bags & Purses, the world's largest handbags and luggages museum, and has permanently collected the "Yiyuan" and "Mo Yun tianxiang" handbags of Bampo. It is the great recognition of the Bampo and the Chinese brand of original design handbags in international luggage industry. It is also the world's deep acceptance of Chinese culture and art. Bampo was seen by the world on behalf of Chinese culture and art.


Won the Creative Design Award of Florence Design Week

Bampo, representing Chinese culture and Chinese original design, was invited to Florence Design Week, Italy, to show the fashion power from the east, the Chinese cultural and artistic essence and the original art. It won the "Creative Design Award".Bampo brought a fresh air and fresh blood to Florence's design week and made the world recognize the design power from China again.


Won China Good Design Award of German Red Dot

Bampo won the "China Good Design Honor Award" from 620 nominated products from 11 countries and regions by virtue of its "blank" original artistic handbags, and was praised and recognized by Dr. Peter Zec (Peter Zack), chairman of Red Dot.This award is the best return for Banpo to adhere to the original design in the past 20 years.


List of Export Enterprises Selected by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Bampo「Yuenian」Series Arts
China will present cultural gifts to international friends and overseas Chinese in 178 embassies,
98 consulates and 32 Chinese cultural centers around the world.
The selected products will be used as "new state gift"
to represent the Chinese culture going out,
and as gifts or cultural displays in the economic and
trade visits or foreign affairs activities of top national leaders.





Participate in the cultural exchange in the Hague "Embassy Festival" of the United Nations

Bampo was invited as a representative of China's cultural and artistic exports. it showed the fashion power from the east and the essence of Chinese culture and art to embassies around the world. Bampo joined hands with the Chinese Embassy in Holland to spread Chinese culture and Chinese original art, so that the world can see the beauty of China and let the world love Chinese culture.

Other brand achievements

  • 南方力量杰出企业和品牌功勋大奖
  • Most Influential Original Design Brand Special Merit Award of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao
  • 最具民族文化品牌创意设计杰出贡献奖
  • CCTV Advertising Cooperative Brand
  • Top 10 Most Popular Brands of Leather Goods and Bags in China