Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」Third stop: Milan, Italy


Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」:Milan, Italy (WiFi is recommended) 

In 2016, Bampo launched the fashion event of "Eastern beauty presents at west" to perform the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, perfectly connect the Oriental Art with international fashion, and let the eastern and Western cultures collide with each other in the dialogue for new inspiration. After the first stop in Los Angeles, USA, and the second stop in Paris, France, in 2017, Bampo (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion event came again. Together with Asian supermodel Li Ting, Bampo entered Milan, Italy, the most influential city in the international fashion and design industry. It collided with Milan, the world's capital of fashion and art, and brought you different Oriental beauty.


Milan is the most developed city in Italy and the center of European fashion and literature. With rich cultural relics and heritage, Milan is one of the eight international metropolises in the world. It is well-known for its free and strong literary temperament. As one of the world's fashion Mecca, Milan has created internationally renowned luxury brands including Gucci, Prada, Versace, Giorgio Armani and Fendi. It has always been regarded as the "barometer" of world fashion design and consumption. It has gathered top figures in the fashion industry, professional media and style trends from all over the world, leading the way.

Tram with retro industrial atmosphere, Gothic cathedral, Golden Square It is the most classic image of Milan. This blockbuster uses a modern perspective to look back at history, deduces the classic of fashion along the track of history, feels the ancient beauty of the West with the inner storage of the East, and lets the eastern and Western cultures merge out the new international aesthetic navigation mark of fashion front.

Milan, Italy, known as the holy land of fashion and art, has always been full of gorgeous clothes. However, at the turn of spring and summer, Milan found that they lacked a touch of oriental charm. With black hair, red lips and graceful posture, Li Ting, a model, wears a long blue dress, carries a bampo [blank] art handbag, and gets on the tram to Milan Cathedral. He shows an independent and elegant demeanor, and sends out elegant oriental charm everywhere.

Breaking through the confinement and yearning for freedom, Milan collides with the ancient and modern times to produce brilliant sparks, which is the beauty of historical accumulation and the best inheritance of history. The beauty of the Oriental blank and the classical elegance of Milan blend with each other, coexist harmoniously in the rhythm of beauty and shine.

In Milan, fashion is not intentional, it's a glimpse in the corner of everyday life. From Armani factory to Armani Museum, soft color, simple and pure but elegant style, under the seemingly simple appearance, contains the beauty of historical precipitation.

The eastern and Western cultures have been colliding and exchanging, which has derived a new fashion culture. [East rhyme and West performance] fashion movement, in the way of international fashion, performs the ultimate oriental charm.

Milan Cathedral's complex top through the dome, as if looking up quietly can touch heaven. The confluence of the artistic conception of Chinese aesthetics and the aesthetic philosophy of Western architecture may not only collide with sparks, but also with the tranquility of mind, like stepping into the open space of thought and thinking freely.

Milan, a romantic and elegant place, a city that perfectly combines history and fashion, makes Eastern and Western cultures collide with each other and meet again. Art and fashion, classical and fashion, bring different visual impact.

From Los Angeles station in 2016, Paris station in France to Milan station in 2017, Banpo always adheres to the interpretation of fashion with Chinese culture, breaks the inertial thinking and inherent cognition, perfectly integrates the international trend, so that the oriental culture gene in Banpo's brand bones collides and merges with Milan, the fashion capital of the world, and performs different Oriental beauty.

  • Li Ting

In 2012, Championship in New Silk Road Western Model Contest ;

In 2012, third place in New Silk Road World Model Competition supermodel ;

She has a typical Chinese classical beauty, and is a top model in the fashion industry. She has participated in magazine shooting, fashion conferences and various cultural and art festivals for many times, and is the favorite model of fashion industry.

Make up:HUE360


Model::LI TING

Every country and every culture has its own way to express what fashion and beauty are, but with the progress of globalization, many boundaries become blurred. As the first brand of China's original art handbag, Bampo 2016 (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion event performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, perfectly connects the Oriental Art with the international trend, and lets the eastern and Western cultures collide with new inspiration in the dialogue;

Bampo has always been based on Oriental Art and culture, combined with modern original design, to form a unique "Bampo style", and put this style in the context of international fashion, it can also have exchanges and resonance with cultures of different countries, so that fashion can produce all kinds of possibilities. In the future, Bampo will continue to strengthen the close communication and cooperation with the western design and fashion circles, so as to truly make [East rhyme and West performance] a new fashion wave integrating East and West design, aesthetics and culture, and make the East beauty strive to move towards the world.