Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」Fifth stop: Melbourne, Australia


Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」:Melbourne, Australia

A country has a culture.

All have their own way to express fashion and beauty.

when the spring of 2019 is coming,

he fifth stop of Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」came to the world famous cultural city "Melbourne"

Connecting the Oriental art perfectly with international fashion,

redefining the new fashion of modern oriental aesthetics.

To take you to experience different Oriental beauty


「 Eastern beauty presents at west 」

— Bampo In Melbourne —

Melbourne has the reputation of "the capital of Australian culture" and is also the world-famous fashion capital. Its clothing, art, music, dance and other cultures are well-known around the world. The fifth stop of Banpo ethnic group (East rhyme and West performance) is the most famous cultural city in the southern hemisphere. It collides with Melbourne, the world's fashion and cultural capital. It performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, so that the eastern and Western cultures collide with each other in the dialogue and bring you different Oriental beauty.

Take you to experience different Oriental beauty



Stepping into the romantic and beautiful gold coast

Looking for resonance with beauty across national boundaries

On the sunny golden coast of Melbourne, there are twelve apostolic boulders carved by years under the baptism of waves and winds. Fashion supermodel carries bampo [Diyue] art handbag and shuttles in the golden coast where classical and modern blend. Every freeze frame is like a movie screen, performing eternal fashion and classic.

Bampo starts from the oriental culture, integrates the cultural essence of all over the world, and creates a unique Oriental fashion aesthetics. This fashion blockbuster entered Melbourne, a world famous cultural city, and swayed the Oriental wisdom between the eastern and Western ideals and beauty, creating an immortal fashion classic.

Starting from Los Angeles, France, Milan, Holland, Amsterdam, Australia, and Melbourne, Banpo always insists on taking Chinese culture as the core soul of the product, perfectly integrating the international trend to deduce the fashion style, so that the eastern culture gene in Banpo's decoration brand can collide and integrate with the fashion culture of all countries in the world to deduce the different Oriental beauty.

Every country and every culture has its own way to express what fashion and beauty are, but with the progress of globalization, many boundaries become blurred. As the first brand of China's original art handbag, Bampo 2016 (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion event performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, perfectly connects the Oriental Art with the international trend, and lets the eastern and Western cultures collide with new inspiration in the dialogue;

Bampo has always been based on Oriental Art and culture, combined with modern original design, to form a unique "Bampo style", and put this style in the context of international fashion, it can also have exchanges and resonance with cultures of different countries, so that fashion can produce all kinds of possibilities. In the future, Bampo will continue to strengthen the close communication and cooperation with the western design and fashion circles, so as to truly make [East rhyme and West performance] a new fashion wave integrating East and West design, aesthetics and culture, and make the East beauty strive to move towards the world.