Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」Second stop: Paris, France


Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」:Paris, France

Bampo,together with French fashion magazine Marie Claire, strive to launch a series of blockbusters of " the fall style" Paris, the fashion capital of early autumn, to bring a new visual experience and present a new fashion concept . In this series of blockbusters, Bampo continues to try to break the inertial thinking and inherent cognition, perfectly integrate the international trend, let the oriental culture gene in the essential Bampo and integrate with Paris, the fashion capital of the world, and take you to appreciate the different Oriental beauty.

Black skirt: Boss

Shirt: jil Sander

High heel boots: Saint Laurent

手袋 handbag Bampo“gorgeous”artistic handbag

In 2016, Bampo launched the fashion event of "Eastern beauty presents at west". After the first stop in Los Angeles to shoot a fashion blockbuster of "infatuation road", it flew to Paris, the fashion capital of the United States, once again performed the eastern and western fashion dialogue, performed the ultimate Oriental charm in the form of international fashion, and made the beauty of China go to the world fashion capital.

Woolen coat:Chanel

Knitted skirt: Ermanno Scervino

Round cap: Maison Michel

Necklace: Charlotte Chesnais

Short boots: Roger Vivier

手袋 Handbag Bampo“worship the moon”artistic handbag

In this film, French romantic films are used for reference to record French women's wandering in the streets of Paris. With the Bampo artistic handbag representing the East in hand, they shuttle through the charming autumn of Paris. The trend of East-West fashion collision swept the romantic and fashion capital, and the beauty of modern women brought by clothing is interpreted with special detail design. After years of baptism, Paris is as fresh as ever, just like the eternal black and white standing in front of the fashion gate, constantly interpreting fashion and classics.

Three-dimensional graphic shirt: chloe

Diamond graphic pants: Chanel

Bracelet: Annelise Michelson

High heeled sandals: Prada

手袋 Handbag Bampo“auspicious cloud”artistic handbag

Paris, a romantic and elegant place, a city that perfectly combines history and fashion, is like an impressionist picture scroll under the warm sunshine of September and autumn, and is even more magnificent and intoxicating. During this period, every beautiful image passes by, and there is always an elegant handbag, which exists like a work of art, making you move and conveying the fascinating French elegant style.

Blue zipper jacket: Balenciaga

pants and earrings: Balenciaga

Three-dimensional flowers decorated high heels: Balenciaga

手袋 半坡饰族bampoHandbag Bampo“blossom”artistic handbag

On the bench on the left bank of the Seine River, the most fashionable sports style is worn to walk between elegance and unruly, or young and dynamic, or modern city, or elegant style, which collides with the autumn in Paris. The super soft handbag is equipped with all the travel equipment of this season, which demonstrates the fashionable beauty of outstanding personality and elegance.

Black shirt: Saint Laurent

Fringed skirt: Burberry

Silk stockings: Wolford

Strapped high heels: Gianvito Rossi

手袋 Handbag Bampo“simplicity”artistic handbag

From Concord square to Alexandria III Bridge, from Louvre to Seine River, from Champs Elysees to triumphal arch all of them show the delicacy and romance of Paris in autumn. Luxury autumn, peak fashion, feeling the taste of style, abandoning redundant decoration, putting aside the impetuous shackles, perfectly blending the "Oriental white pure" and "Western luxury". In a diversified world, let the mood sway freely!

In today's globalization, all the regional and cultural barriers have been broken and reorganized, and the eastern and Western culture and fashion fields are also growing, sprouting and growing in the convergence. Banpo has always insisted that fashion design originates from its most essential cultural foundation. No matter the expression or the rendering of local culture, fashion integrates western fashion trends with the support of traditional culture, and more elements show its essence and belief.

At the same time, Bampo believed that "the design of beauty is interlinked", and constantly sought the common ground between Chinese aesthetics and Western aesthetics through the collision of eastern and Western fashion culture, so as to establish a common conclusion across the Chinese and Western aesthetics, which also became the constant pursuit of Bampo's "Eastern beauty presents at west".

Autumn issue of Marie Claire ,”the fall style”

Marie Claire, founded in 1937 in France, is an international high-end women's fashion magazine with 24 editions around the world. This Bampo, together with Marie claim, not only shows the perfect connection between Chinese original art and international trend, so that the eastern and Western cultures collide with new inspiration in fashion dialogue, but also expects to integrate the Western charm into the Oriental design and bring a new attitude to the public in the way of "Oriental charm and western performance". In the future, Bampo will stand at the forefront of the world fashion trend, face the rich changes of contemporary fashion life against the background of grand and profound oriental culture, and show the Oriental fashion outlook on life to the world.

Every country and every culture has its own way to express what fashion and beauty are, but with the progress of globalization, many boundaries become blurred. As the first brand of China's original art handbag, Bampo 2016 (Eastern beauty presents at west) fashion event performs the ultimate oriental charm in the form of international fashion, perfectly connects the Oriental Art with the international trend, and lets the eastern and Western cultures collide with new inspiration in the dialogue;

Bampo has always been based on Oriental Art and culture, combined with modern original design, to form a unique "Bampo style", and put this style in the context of international fashion, it can also have exchanges and resonance with cultures of different countries, so that fashion can produce all kinds of possibilities. In the future, Bampo will continue to strengthen the close communication and cooperation with the western design and fashion circles, so as to truly make [East rhyme and West performance] a new fashion wave integrating East and West design, aesthetics and culture, and make the East beauty strive to move towards the world.

In the form of international fashion

Perform the ultimate oriental charm

Break the gap between eastern and western cultures and Arts

Balance fashion and aesthetics in different countries

Facing the rich changes of contemporary trend

Give contemporary design oriental charm without losing the elegance of fashion taste

Bampo「Eastern beauty presents at west」

China’s Bampo, also the word’s Bampo